We have been running our combined urology practice at Marienplatz 8 since 2007. All three doctors share the same values and practise the same medicine. As urologists and andrologists, we work in line with the highest medical standards. Our range of services covers the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases in men, women, children and young people. 

As partners of the Marienhospital in Stuttgart, with whom we co-operate in urological matters, we provide out-patient and in-patient procedures to guarantee all-round urological care. All insured patients are assured rapid appointments and short waiting times.

We maintain a friendly, trusting environment with both employees and patients.

We are keen to pass on our knowledge, providing electives for medical students and training auxiliary medical staff. We are also involved in lecturing at a variety of events.

Dr. med. Michael Haug

Born in Stuttgart in 1963, Dr. med. Haug studied medicine at the University of Tübingen and completed his training as a urologist at the Diakonie-Klinikum in Stuttgart where he worked as a consultant. In 2005, he set up his own practice as a urologist in Vaihingen; in 2007, he and his friend and former colleague Heinz Peter Schimers set up a combined practice at Marienplatz 8. In 2013, they were joined by their friend and fellow urologist Ralf Kammerer to make a practice of three.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery, andrology, diagnostic radiology and primary psychosomatic care.

Dr. med. Michael Haug cycles into the practice almost every day. He loves cycling, especially at weekends joined by his four boys.

Dr. med. Heinz Peter Schimers

Born in Pfullendorf in 1963, Dr. med. Schimers studied medicine at the University of Ulm, completing his training as a urologist at the Diakonie-Klinikum in Stuttgart and working there first as a urologist, and later as lead consultant for the department. In 2004, he took over Dr. med. Werner Merz’s Bad Cannstatt practice, then co-operated with his friend and former colleague Michael Haug to combine two individual practices. In 2013, they were joined by their friend and fellow urologist Ralf Kammerer to make a practice of three.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery, andrology and diagnostic radiology and primary psychosomatic care.

Dr. med. Heinz Peter Schimers very much enjoys travelling with his family and their dog. He also loves playing the guitar, sometimes even on holiday.

Ralf Kammerer

Born in Stuttgart in 1967, Ralf Kammerer studied medicine at the universities of Berlin and Freiburg, completing his training and then working as a urologist in the Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart. In 2012, he set up a urology practice in the Gänsheide area and in 2013, went into partnership with his friends and urologist colleagues Michael Haug and Heinz Peter Schimers, merging his practice with the practice at Marienplatz 8.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery and andrology.

Ralf Kammerer’s main passion is his family, but he’s also very fond of classic cars.


The job of the medical assistant [in German “Medizinische(r) Fachangestellte(r) (MFA)”] is a highly responsible one, which is why we expect a great deal from our apprentices and take our responsibility as trainers very seriously indeed. Our practice provides trainees with a mentor to support them. These are experienced medical assistants or nurses. In collaboration with the doctors, mentors accompany these young people throughout their three-year training period to ensure optimum training content in the medical, laboratory technology, organizational and administrative spheres. We encourage entrants to the profession and generally accept one apprentice a year. We are currently training two medical assistants.

Technical equipment

Ultrasound devices
Our ultrasound devices cover a broad range of examinations. The integrated image optimization technology facilitates delivery of high-quality examination results with outstandingly sharp images. The integrated "ß-flow colour" feature allows blood flow to be detected visually and by metrological means, even in small vessels. The devices are equipped with additional transducers and in transrectal ultrasound examinations, allow virtually painless examinations.

Portable ultrasound device
The portable ultrasound device has a high-resolution colour display and satisfies all the requirements for an optimum examination. It is used for home visits.

The cysto-urethroscope we use is a flexible instrument with an oblique end on the shaft. This ensures safe, non-traumatic (gentle) passage through the urethra during examinations.

We use a fully-automated enzyme immunoassay analyser to determine all the clinicochemical serum parameters offered by the practice. Barcode readers in the analyser and unidirectional connection to the laboratory data-processing system guarantee consistently clear identification of samples and reagents. The outstanding precision of parameters verified by external and internal quality control programmes guarantees high analytical performance, as well as rapid, specific lab results.

Sperm quality analyser
Our analyser from the United States rapidly and reliably analyses fresh, frozen, washed or enriched sperm samples. All the basic sperm analysis parameters demanded by the WHO standards are taken into account. The results are recorded in a database and patients can be informed rapidly and confidentially.




We have continuously developed our laboratory over the years. We have invested in the latest-generation analysers and perfected processes. The outstanding qualifications and many years’ experience of our medical technology laboratory assistant deliver a state-of-the-art laboratory with excellently-trained staff. Optimum health care is ensured by rapidly available, totally reliable computer-aided results.



Social responsibility

As a combined urology practice, we are partner for Stelp e.V. and for Médecins sans Frontières. Our monthly direct debit donation supports the civil aid organization STELP in Stuttgart and our colleagues working in the countries which need them.

We also support the following charities and projects at home and abroad.