As specialists in urology and andrology, we work according to the highest medical standards. Our range of services includes the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases in men, women, children and adolescents.

We offer outpatient and inpatient surgeries at the Marienhospital in Stuttgart, thus ensuring all-round urological care. Fast appointments and short waiting times are made possible for all insured patients.
We maintain a friendly and trusting relationship - with our employees and with our patients.

We want to pass on our knowledge. We offer clinical traineeships for medical students and train medical assistants.

Dr. med. Michael Haug

Born in Stuttgart in 1963, he studied human medicine at the University of Tübingen and completed his training as a specialist in urology at the Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart, where he worked as a senior physician.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery, andrology, diagnostic radiology and primary psychosomatic care.

Dr. med. Heinz Peter Schimers

Born in Pfullendorf in 1963, he studied human medicine at the University of Ulm and completed his training as a specialist in urology at the Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart, where he worked first as a specialist and later as a functional senior physician.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery, andrology and diagnostic radiology and primary psychosomatic care.

Ralf Kammerer

Born in Stuttgart in 1967, he studied human medicine at the universities of Berlin and Freiburg and completed his training as a specialist in urology at the Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart. There he worked as a specialist.

Additional qualifications:
Chemotherapy for tumours, day surgery and andrology.

Online applications

Are you looking for a new professional challenge as a medical assistant, health and nursing assistant, medical technical laboratory assistant or commercial employee? Or would you like to return to your profession?

Send us your application by email to schimers(at) with your CV and references. Unsolicited applications are of great interest to us. We are eager to hear from you and look forward to hearing from you!


The profession of medical assistant (MFA) is a very responsible job. That is why we set very high standards for our trainees and take our role as trainers very seriously. The trainees are assigned a mentor. These are experienced medical assistants or health and nursing staff. In cooperation with the physicians, the mentors accompany the young people during the three-year training period and ensure optimal medical, laboratory, organizational and administrative training content. We promote young talent and usually take on one trainee each year. At the moment we are training four medical assistants.


Technical equipment

Ultrasound devices
Our ultrasound devices cover a wide range of examinations. Due to the integrated image optimization technology, high-quality examination results with images in excellent sharpness can be achieved. Due to the integrated "ß-Flow Color", blood flows can be visually and metrologically detected even in small vessels. The devices are equipped with additional transducers and enable an almost painless examination during transrectal ultrasound examinations.

Portable ultrasound device
The portable LOGIQ e ultrasound scanner has a high-resolution color display and meets all the requirements for an optimal examination. The device is used during home visits.

The cysto-urethroscope we use is a flexible instrument with a beveled shaft end. This ensures a safe, atraumatic (gentle) passage of the urethra during the examination.

We work with a fully automated enzyme immunoassay analyzer; it is used for the determination of all clinical chemical parameters in serum offered in the practice. Barcode readers in the analyzer and a unidirectional connection to the laboratory EDP ensure unambiguous identification of samples and reagents at all times. The excellent precision of the parameters, proven by external and internal quality control programs, guarantees high analytical performance as well as fast and specific laboratory results.

Sperm quality analyser
Our analyzer from the United States quickly and reliably analyzes fresh, frozen, washed or enriched semen samples. All parameters of the basic semen analysis required by the WHO standards are taken into account. The results are documented in a database and can be communicated to patients quickly and confidentially.

Analyzer for sexually transmitted infections
The DNA-based test of this analyzer identifies single or multiple viruses and bacteria with a patient sample. Genital swabs or urine samples are processed fully automatically by the analyzer, so that even the smallest sample quantities yield unambiguous results. The innovative PCR test detects ten sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, Treponema pallidum, Herpes simplex virus I, Herpes simples virus II, Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma urealyticum and Haemophilus ducreyi.


Our laboratory has constantly developed over the years. Investments have been made in the latest generation of analytical equipment. Processes have been perfected. Thanks to the outstanding qualifications and many years of experience of our employees, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory. Quickly available, computer-aided and absolutely reliable findings ensure optimal care.



Social responsibility

We support STELP e.V. and Doctors without Borders. With our monthly permanent donations, we support the civilian aid organization STELP in Stuttgart, which helps people in acute need quickly, unbureaucratically and on the spot, and our colleagues from Doctors Without Borders, which provides medical aid in the countries where it is urgently needed.

We also support the following charities and projects at home and abroad.